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3D Gnome Tumblers

3D Gnome Tumblers

PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE BEFORE SUBMITTING AN ORDER!  There are several details that are important and affect the price and, of course, the outcome of your tumbler!


These 3D Gnome tumblers are unique pieces of art, elaborately customized per the customer's specifications!  They are quite intricate in their creation, utilizing both clay sculpting, detailed painting, and several coats of epoxy (which is both protective and structural) and their price is reflective of that!  


It is important to consider the intended use of your gnome tumbler before ordering.  Do you plan to use it as a drinking vessel or will it have a more utilitarian or decorative use?  As seen in the example photos, your gnome can have a more basic shape like the larger cup in the gallery.  He has no feet nor any elaborate protrusions from the body.  This type of design is recommended if you plan to use the tumbler frequently as a drinking vessel.  The more elaborate designs with feet, lanterns, etc., are not recommended for a heavily-used cup.  The two 12-oz stemless wine gnome tumblers seen in the gallery were both ordered to be used as either decorative or more stationary use; one as as a pen/pencil cup, the other as a decorative container. You are absolutely welcome to order a cup with feet or more elaborate protrusions and use it as a drinking vessel, just know YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED about the risks of it breaking!


As of today, I have only made boy gnomes but plan to make some girls and will add photos when I do!  I have many ideas and will share as I create more! 


I am currently offering the gnome tumblers in three sizes: 14 oz Stemless wine, 20 oz Stemless Wine, and 25 oz Stemless Wine.  Please note that the 25 oz stemless wine has more of a "barrel" shape, as is seen with the example photo, while the 14 and 20 oz are more teardrop shaped.  Also note that I don't yet have an example of a tumbler made with the 20 oz stemless wine tumbler but plan to remedy that soon!  


You can specify what colors you would like your gnome's tunic and hat to be in the "describe briefly what you want on your tumbler" section. 


As with all of my tumblers, if you have an idea that you'd like to suggest, please contact me before submitting the order so that I can determine whether it's possible and, if so, what pricing might be (in a custom order such as that, I would invoice you directly).


Finally, if you have an idea of what you want but just aren't clear how to make the selections here, you can reach out to me through the "Contact" area or message me on my Facebook page and I can invoice you directly. 


    • Average turnaround time is 3-4 weeks.  Turnarond time may (and probably will) increase during peak season (October 1 - December 25).  
    • Orders are completed on a first come, first served basis.  
    • Rush Processing is available for an additional $15.00 fee.
    • Please inquire what current turnaround time is running at the time of your order.

    • All items are handmade and will have small imperfections including  possibly slightly crooked lettering, air bubbles in epoxy, and small particles in epoxy.   No refunds will be issued for small imperfections.  I always strive to do my best and am very particular but I am, in fact, a human being.
    • Due to items being custom-made and personalized, no cancellations or refunds can be made once work has begun on a tumbler.  
    • Epoxied tumblers have specific care instructions that are provided with each order.  One of the biggest dangers to an epoxied tumbler is water.  They should ONLY be put in water long enough to be washed and then immediately removed and dried.  The second biggest danger is being dropped.  Tumblers are durable but they are not shatterproof and will crack and/or shatter if dropped.  I am not responsible for damage to tumblers due to being submerged, run through the dishwasher, being left in a hot car, dropped, or any of the other ways these tumblers can be damaged.  

    • All items are shipped via USPS Priority Shipping which generally has a 2-4 day shipping time.  Delays will occur in peak season.  We are NOT responsible for delays that occur once the item has left our hands.  Tracking will be provided and any issues with shipping need to be handled through the USPS.  A claim can be filed through for shipping delays.  We will assist with the claim process if our help is needed. 
    • We package our tumblers very well with proper padding and tape.  We are NOT responsible for damage that may occur in shipping once the package has left our posession.  Again, claims for damaged items can be handled through  We will assist with the claim process if our help is needed. 
    • Please be sure that the shipping address provided is accurate and clear, correct, and double-checked. 
PriceFrom $37.50
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